City Manager

About the City Manager
The city manager is the chief executive officer of the city. He is responsible for the administration of the city in accordance with City Council policy. The city manager prepares the city budget, submits it to the City Council each fiscal year, and advises City Council of the future financial needs of the city.

Dan Schwarz became City Manager of Larkspur in May 2010. Before joining Larkspur, Dan spent four years with the City of Rohnert Park in Sonoma County, first as Assistant City Manager and then as Interim City Manager. Earlier in his career, Dan spent eight years working for Local Agency Formation Commissions, first in Orange County and later in Napa County. He was involved in the incorporation of two cities, Rancho Santa Margarita and Aliso Viejo. Dan also has experience in education and housing administration.

A fourth-generation San Franciscan, Dan has lived and worked throughout California. His travels around the state have included stops at UC Berkeley (B.A.) and UCLA (M.A.).

His responsibilities include:
  • Administrating the City Council's Strategic Plan
  • Monitoring the progress of the city's major capital projects and development plans
  • Being involved in emergency management, including fire mitigation and prevention
  • Updating of the five-year pro forma of the city's financial condition for strategic planning
  • Identifying new / alternative local revenues for the funding of city services