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Ordinances & Plans
The Preliminary Development Plan shows the project’s proposed land uses and densities. In 2007, then-project developers Larkspur Housing Partners submitted a Preliminary Development Plan Application, which went through several public hearings at both the Planning Commission and the City Council. On July 9, 2008, the City Council adopted Ordinance No. 962 approving a Preliminary Development Plan project for 85 dwelling units and six second-units.

The Precise Development Plan shows the precise layout of the proposed development, including detailed building and site design plans. In 2008, then-project developers Larkspur Housing Partners submitted a Precise Development Plan Application including an excavation/fill permit, tentative map, design review, use permit for senior housing, circulation assessment permit, archaeological investigation permit, heritage tree removal permit, and a development agreement (see below). On February 17, 2010, after several Planning Commission and City Council public hearings, the City Council adopted Ordinance 972 approving the Rose Garden Precise Plan.

The Development Agreement (adopted by the City Council on March 17, 2010) details the developer’s obligation to carry out certain project conditions, including creek restoration and setbacks, payment of impact fees, and dedication of land for a community facility. The Development Agreement has been transferred to the current project developer, the New Home Company.
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