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Application for Residential Parking Permit

  1. Application for Residential Parking Permit

    Once your completed application is received, the vehicles will be checked to confirm they are registered to the address requested, registration is current and are clear of any unpaid violations. Your new permit(s) will be mailed to your address. Permits are assigned to specific vehicles. If you are obtaining more than one permit, please ensure you place each on the vehicle assigned. If your vehicle does not qualify, you will receive a letter of explanation in the mail.

    Note: Residents may apply for and be issued guest parking permits if they reside within the designated parking permit zone. The decision to issue guest parking permits is within the discretion of the City Manager or his designee. Please call (415) 927-5110 or email to inquire about guest permits.

    If you have any questions about this application, please call (415) 927-5110 or email and provide your name, telephone number and address.

  2. Policy & Procedure for Residential Parking Permit

    The City of Larkspur maintains and distributes Residential Parking Permits and the Central Marin Police Authority enforces Residential Parking Permits for posted streets within the City of Larkspur. 

    In order to receive a parking permit, you must meet the following standard requirements: 

    1) Each vehicle must be registered to the address requesting the permits
    2) Each vehicle must have a current registration and
    3) Each vehicle must be clear of any unpaid violations.

    If your vehicle(s) does (do) not comply with the standard requirements noted above (and you are not requesting consideration of unique circumstances) a permit will not be issued and/or honored and you will receive a letter of explanation in the mail. If you have submitted a request for consideration of special circumstances, you will be either issued a permit or informed why your request is being denied. 

    Permits are assigned to a specific vehicle. Please ensure you place each permit on the vehicle assigned.

    PERMIT PLACEMENT: Permits are hanging tags to be placed on the rearview mirror of the vehicle. Place your permit with the City's logo and your permit number facing outward so that the information can be easily viewed and visible. Do not affix the permit on the inside of a tinted window or lay the permit on the dashboard. It will not be considered visible and will not be honored. Improper placement of the permit or non-visible permits may result in a citation that will be determined valid. Expired permits will not be honored and should be removed from the vehicle. PERMITS ARE ISSUED TO SPECIFIC VEHICLES AND MAY NOT BE SWITCHED TO ANY OTHER VEHICLE AT ANY TIME. Any misuse of Residential Parking Permits shall be cause for revocation. 

    Please remember that a permit DOES NOT excuse your vehicle from other City Ordinances and State Vehicle Codes, such as 10.48.050 LMC, and 22651(k) CVC, continuous parking on a roadway exceeding 72 hours. 

    Visitors, guests or public contractors at your address are subject to the posted parking time limits. Workers are exempt with an approved business license. It is recommended that you park the permitted vehicle on the roadway and allow the visitor or guest to park in the driveway. The City may provide guest parking permits under special circumstances. 

    Any special parking requests, issues or questions can be directed to the City Manager or his designee at 415-927-5110. 

    NOTE: There presently is no cost for the permits, however, that is subject to change. It is your responsibility to obtain a new permit if yours has expired or been lost.

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