Submittal Requirements

Building Permit Application
If you are hiring a licensed contractor submit the standard building permit application. Prior to issuance the licensed contractors must complete the Worker's Compensation Declaration of the building permit and sign the affidavit section. The city does not keep certificates of insurance on file.

If you are acting as a "Owner/Builder" you must complete the Owner/Builder building permit application.

Contractors Business License

Licensed contractors and all sub-contractors working in Larkspur must have a current Contractor's Business License with the City of Larkspur. Contractors whose business is located in Larkspur (and areas of Greenbrae under Larkspur's jurisdiction) obtain annual licenses.

Plan Check Deposit

(see Fee Page for more details)
  • Plan check fees paid upon submittal of application
  • Balance of fees paid upon issuance of permit

    Energy Forms (see Forms and Applications page)
    Related to "over the counter" window changes, water heater replacements, reroof and HVAC permits only

    Plans and Reports (required reports vary depending on scope of project)

    • Three sets of plans stamped and signed. 4 sets of plans are required for larger projects.
    • Plan sheets are to be of equal size.
    • Drawing scale: 1/4" = 1'-0 minimum
    • Site plan 1'-0 = 20' minimum
    • Title Block required: Provide Site Address, Owner's Name, Assessor Parcel Number, Signature of Plan Preparer and/or wet seal
    • Two sets of any reports such as Structural Calculations, Soils and Title 24 Energy Forms, Etc. All reports to be signed and wetstamped by professional.

    Local Ordinances and/or Other Regulations that Affect Construction
      School Fees:

      If your project adds 500 or more square feet School Facilities Fees will be assessed by the local school district office.

      School Districts within Larkspur's jurisdiction

      • Larkspur School District - (415) 927-6960
      • Kentfield School District - (415) 925-2230
      • San Rafael School District - (415) 492-3239

      Other Departments Reviewing Documents