Code Enforcement

Community Development staff is available to assist with complaints regarding violations of the codes the Community Development Department enforces (such as the building code and zoning regulations like work without a permit and damage to a Heritage Tree).

To the extent allowed by law, the City of Larkspur will treat as confidential the identify and personally identifiable information of any person who files a code enforcement complaint. People filing a complaint should be aware that, under the Public Records Act or in the event of litigation, the City might be required to reveal a complainant’s identity. Submission of code enforcement complaint includes a release of liability as to the City and its officers and employees with regard to Inadvertent release of a complainant’s identity or personally identifiable information.

To submit a complaint online please complete this form (or use this pdf form and email to or call (415) 927-5125 or visit during our counter hours Monday and Wednesday 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.

The City's current contract code enforcement officer: Thomas Mlady, CSG Consultants.