WHAT'S HAPPENING (August 2021)

Thanks to a generous private donation from a Larkspur citizen, the City has an opportunity to fill a need at the playground in Dolliver Park (aka Dark Park.)  

The proposed project will create a dedicated play area for children under 5 years old. Currently, the playground equipment is geared mostly for older children:

Current Play Equipment
at Dolliver Playground
Designed for children:
Play Structure5-12 years old
Free-standing Metal Climber5-12 years old
Ground Spinner5-12 years old
Swings5-12 years old
Tot Swings2-5 years old

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Currently, the playground lacks play equipment that children under 5 can play on independently. The Tot Swings require an adult to help the child into the bucket seats to use. 

The play structure, the ground spinner, and the climber are too complex and too large in scale for younger kids, requiring motor and cognitive skills they haven't yet fully developed. Caretakers routinely allow their tots up on equipment designed for older children because no alternatives are available.

The playground experience would be much richer and more enjoyable if adults need not be on constant alert and the children could play and explore at their own pace. 

The creation of the proposed "Tot Play Zone" would include new play equipment that is specifically designed for children under 5 years old. A see-thru safety fence to enclose the tot play area would be installed along with several benches.

Dolliver Playground Layout, Proposed Opens in new window


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The project team is eager to receive community input during this planning and design development stage.  You are invited to complete the online survey before it expires on August 31, 2021.


The proposed Tot Play Zone is envisioned to be a place where:

  • younger children can enjoy playing on equipment that is scaled just for them;
  • play for tots is more rewarding with many things they can do without needing help from adults;
  • caretakers can relax knowing that a safety fence will keep small children from wandering off;
  • families with little ones can meet and gather easily at a single location. 


So far, nothing is set in stone.  City staff sees this project as a way to fill a void in the current playground configuration for families with young children.  The City is very fortunate that an opportunity of this magnitude is available through the private donation of a single Larkspur resident.  

The project is currently in the planning stage and being evaluated. The purpose of the online survey is to gauge the level of community support before a playground design is completed. 

Assuming there is community support for the project, a draft playground design will be presented at the Park & Rec Commission meeting on Sep. 16, 2021 for review and discussion. You are encouraged to attend this meeting.


For more information, please contact the Project Manager:

Rita Schoch, Public Works Department