Public Works Project Updates

City Projects Under Construction (updated 09/26/2022)

Bon Air Road Bridge Replacement project 

Work is substantially complete with minor punch list items including storm drain pump station repairs remaining.   Replacement of the third (spare) pump was completed in August. Replacement of check valves remains – parts are on backorder.  The pump station is operational.

Bon Air Road Bridge Mitigation Projects

Improvements include replacement of two public docks at Bon Air Landing Park and next to the Marin Rowing Association dock, converting the Piper Park dog park back to tidal wetlands, construction of a new dog park south of the Central Marin Police Authority building and stormwater improvements on Magnolia Avenue.  A pre-construction conference has been scheduled for the first week in October, with work anticipated to start shortly after. . There will be several work slowdowns and stoppages due to regulatory agency permit work windows resulting in a projected completion date of spring 2024   

Corte Alejo (Via La Paz) Storm Drain Improvements

The replacement by-pass storm drain, removal of old pipes and minor improvements to hillside have been completed. Staff conducted a field meeting with residents to review plans for storm drain overflow piping. Staff and consultant are reviewing options for overflow piping.

Sir Francis Drake Pavement Repair (Del Monte to Drakes Cove Road)

Night work and detours continue through mid-part of this week. .  Night work is anticipated to resume October 3 with paving of the final surface course over a two week period.  Utility adjustments and striping will then continue through to project completion in  late October.

Hillview Storm Drain Improvements

This project was formally accepted by the City Council at their regularly scheduled June 1 meeting. While all the new storm drains have been installed, the final connection to the Bon Air pump station will not occur until the bridge project nears completion. In the interim, the Hillview drainage will continue to gravity flow to Corte Madera Creek as it did before the project work.  

Staff anticipates plugging of old gravity creek connection pipes and connection to the new pump station by mid-October.  

Doherty Drive Rule 20A Utility Undergrounding

Underground infrastructure installation is complete. The remainder of overhead wires are scheduled for removal this week followed by the utility poles. Punch list and path work remains to be completed.

Magnolia ADA improvements (Ward Street to King Street)

This project is substantially complete. The contractor most recently installed tree stakes. This project will be scheduled for City Council approval once all punch list items are resolved.

Park Way Storm Drain Improvements

Preconstruction meeting was held 6/30/22. Work is c delayed due to PG&E not completing a gas line relocation. Staff continues to contact PG&E regarding their work schedule but has not received a date commitment for their work yet.

Niven Park Improvements

Plans for the playground area reconstruction will be presented to the Parks and Recreation Commission and City Council in late October. Work at the picnic area adjacent to Drakes Landing Road is scheduled to start in October/ November. .

Dolliver Park

Staff has contracted for playground equipment upgrades. New equipment for children under five years old is proposed to complement the existing equipment for ages five to twelve.

Redwood Highway (North) Bicycle and Pedestrian Improvements (NS Greenway extension)

Staff continues working with Caltrans Office of Local Assistance to secure the funding and process all the paperwork that accompanies the federal funding on this project. Construction is now anticipated in spring/ early summer 2023. This project will add a new class 1 bike path on the west side of Old Redwood Highway from the termination of the current Caltrans project on the off-ramp to the pedestrian 101 overcrossing.

Measure B Group 4 Pavement Rehabilitation

Maggiora & Ghilotti was the low bidder for this project. Contract award is scheduled for the October 6 City Council meeting.  Paving should occur in late October/November of 2022 and will include most streets south of downtown, in Baltimore Canyon, all of Magnolia Avenue, most of Doherty Drive and South Eliseo Drive. More detailed information is available on the City’s website under ‘fixing our roads.

Please visit for more information on our paving program and this year’s project

Magnolia Avenue Pavement Rehabilitation

Magnolia Avenue was separated from the Group 4 project streets due to its unique traffic control requirements. Ghilotti Bros. completed paving earlier this month and are now completing striping and pavement marking work.  

Crosswalks Improvements Project

Minor improvements have been initiated including new markings and signs at select locations. A second phase of the project, which may include more substantial improvements is under design development.

Upper Elm Pathway Improvements

Staff is reviewing the preliminary plan of improvements, which primarily includes construction of wood staircase.

LED Streetlight Retrofit Project

Tanko Lighting has started the procurement process for new LED street light replacements for all City street lights.

Doherty Drive Safe Pathways to Schools Phase 2

Contractor, McGuire & Hester’s work is substantially complete. Pavement striping and marking and finish work around the incomplete PG&E rule 20A project remains.

Citywide Storm Drain Cleaning and Inspection

Staff is working with RVSD on the inspections. Staff anticipates completing video inspections for a sufficient sample size of the storm drains by the end of this calendar year to develop a plan and budget for repairs and replacements.  Staff has already identified a number of pipe segments requiring repair and is developing plans for repair.

Storm Drain Pump Station Upgrades

Staff is working with Schaaf & Wheeler to inspect and develop improvement plan options for the City’s five pump stations. Field work is complete and a draft report is in progress.

Laurel Avenue Drainage and Retaining Wall

Staff is working with a consultant to develop options for diverting drainage on Laurel Avenue. Staff anticipates a first phase of this project to be completed before the of the calendar year. To date, preliminary design and site surveying has been completed.

Lagoon Inlet Gates Rehabilitation

Staff and consultant conducted a site visit to evaluate the gates condition and develop repair/ replacement options.   Staff anticipates the work to be complete prior to the end of the calendar year, dependent upon material availability.