Pending Applications

The City of Larkspur is allowing the public to review their neighbor’s plans without having to visit City Hall. Below you can review pending Administrative applications, pending Zoning Administrator applications, and pending Planning Commission applications. If you have any questions, contact us at

Note: Application materials may include documents plans or drawings prepared by a licensed, registered, or certified professional, as defined pursuant to the California Health and Safety Code Section 19851 or Business and Professions Code Section 5536.25, such as licensed architect, engineer, or other design professional, and may also be protected by copyright laws. The display of these materials is intended solely for the purpose of facilitating the timely review of this application and is not intended as permission to reproduce or replicate plans or documents for any other purpose.

Pending Planning Commission Applications

203 Hawthorne Avenue - DR/FAR/SUP/V 19-49

80 Corte Del Bayo DR 20-24

3 Garden Way - DR/FAR/V/FHE 20-27

99 Dartmouth Dr - DR/EXC/FHE 20-30

224 Hawthorne Ave - DR/FAR/EXCEPT 20-34

2050 Redwood Highway DR/UP 20-37 (Cellular Site Expansion)

15 Owlswood Drive DR/FAR/SUP/V 20-38

94 Via Navarro - DR/SUP/V 20-40

Pending Zoning Administrator Applications

65 Corte Toluca - DR/FAR 20-31

Pending Administrative Applications