Objective Design & Development Standards

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Larkspur Objective Design and Development Standards DRAFT 1 pdf

Marin County Objective Design and Development Standards "Toolkit" pdf (large document over 340 pages)

DRAFT Map of ODDS Zones June 2022 

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August 11, 2022 discussion of standards

June 23, 2022 discussion of zones

May 25, 2022 overview of toolkit

November 10, 2022 overview of 1st Larkspur Draft standards

January 26, 2023, review of standards against existing structures

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Larkspur Objective Design and Development Standards (ODDS)

In response to State housing legislation, the City of Larkspur is working to develop Objective Design and Development Standards (ODDS) for multifamily and mixed-use residential development. The City of Larkspur has a subjective and discretionary design review process to assure high-quality development that fits in with varied neighborhoods. However, recent amendments to state housing legislation, including the Housing Accountability Act, now require Larkspur to have objective zoning standards and streamlined review and approval procedures to ensure that local housing production goals can be met. This effort will result in standards that, when adopted, do not require interpretation and provide a clear review and approval process for multi-family and mixed-use development projects.  The City is starting by considering the "toolkit" of standards developed for the County of Marin and several Marin jurisdictions to assist with this effort (see ODDS  "Toolkit" pdf link above).

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