Larkspur History

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Larkspur began as a logging settlement in the mid-19th century, which slowly expanded to a ranching and dairying rural community by the turn of the century. Larkspur was frequented by visitors from San Francisco and surrounding areas for relaxation and recreation, tripling the town population during summers. Development began and the train came to town. Summer campers and 1906 earthquake refugees came to stay, and the town incorporated in 1908. With the completion of the Golden Gate Bridge (1937) and a WWII population surge, Larkspur left behind its rural identity and grew into a suburban community. Today, Downtown Larkspur retains its historic charm along Magnolia Avenue, while surrounded by a busy modern community. 

Historic Resources

Larkspur Heritage Preservation Board Online Archival Collection :  The Larkspur Heritage Preservation Board  consists of volunteer members of the public who are appointed by the City Council. The Archival Collection of historic photos and documents is curated by the Board and hosted by Past Perfect Online. 

National Park Service National Register of Historic Places

National Park Service Register of Historic Places Gallery of Digital Assets for Larkspur (1982)
City of Larkspur Inventory of Historic Resources (2008)

Anne T. Kent California Room, Marin County Free Library 

California Digital Newspaper Collection

Marin History Museum 

Books available in Marin County Libraries:

Larkspur History
Marin County History

Genealogical Resources:

Marin County Genealogical Society (Available  for use in the Library)
Books available in the Marin County Libraries